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2009/3/6 john maclean <jayeola at gmail.com>:
> 2009/3/6 r7 <r7 at aktivix.org>:
>> hi all
>> for those who couldn't attend [or if you want your memory refreshing]
>> there's a wiki page with a full transcript:
>> https://wiki.blagblagblag.org/Meetings:090305
>> thanks to renilgh for his work on this.
>> r7
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>  (07:18:04 PM) r7: agenda: what costs [financial] do jayeola &
> noldrin incur running mirrors? what should we do about that? possible
> other mirrors
> Neither jayeola nor noldrin were in attendance and so these questions
> could not be answered.
> 160GB costing 14 UK pounds/month at the moment. Add VAT, (a UK tax at
> 15.5%).  Next email will give some idea of the bandwidth costs.
>  ssh kimsufi 'df -h'
> Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
> /dev/sda1             3.0G  778M  2.1G  28% /
> udev                   10M   28K   10M   1% /dev
> /dev/sda2             144G  111G   26G  81% /home
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/* idea */

Coding and tools....
This section of my thoughts lists and recommends coding styles,
languages and tools from a purely coding poing of view.

language = bash
shell = /bin/bash

cos that language is probably the lowest hanging fruit. Also loads of
on-line docs, irc, books etc to help as required.

where do i start?
create a non-root account on a system and start playing with it!
"what really happens when i create a symlink" ?

Create a virtual machine if you can and play with that
"what really happens when root rm -rf /
"what does all of this rpm --foo --wtf --haha mean?

/*got, gut, git, gat */

"wtf if this thing? "

 It's just way of tracking changes in files. You can see the history
of file(s) by their content. What was added, removed etc.

"so what? there is svn, rcs, foo and haha and they are better"
* git was created by Linus
* the kernel is produced using git

"ok so I have seen the docs on line and I am still /not/ convinced
that I need all of that complexity...."

Put it this way, you can "unlock" the changes made to a file that you
edited X weeks ago"
* see/track the changes made to files/scripts that are used to create
BLAG, (for example)

/* ninja*/
Listen buddy, one thing I hate is reading lots of stuff! I left
school, college, university years ago. I don't just want to read and

/tra-ran-ta-raaaaaaaaaa! /*
Ninja teams = Small teams that agree to work together to
learn/hack/play. [I just made that name up].


jayeola creates virtual machine and allows X, y, z to log into it.
jayeola is great with virtual machines his scripting is oK. tiny bit
of rpm builing
X is great with building rpms.
y and  z want to learn.

The ninja team log into the box, (real or virtual), and share thier
knowledge over a period of x hours, days, weeks. at the end of the
session... They build rpms, ask and answer loads of Q & A and
experiment heavily.

jayeola is teh l33t hax0r rpm builder
X can now build virtual machines and builds his rpms in virtual
servers on his laptop, watch and washing machine ;-)
y and z can now build rpms or at least remember what the steps are.

John Maclean
07739 171 531

Timezone: GMT

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