[blag-whereto] #blag meeting 05 march 2009 wiki

john maclean jayeola at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 22:23:52 GMT 2009

My last email was fat fingered.

I suggest that we get a couple of dedicated servers for the "main body
of work" and use virtual server  (vps) for the remainder.

 server 1:-
 - main repo with failover/backups
 - exoect /lots/ of traffic

server 2:-
 - devel server
 - devel team log in and hang out here to build, test and upgrade packages

server i..j
 - mirrors
- seeders for torrents?

vps 1:-
 - blag user "reasonable bandwidth", (i.e., typical ADSL domestic package)
 - a virtual server
 - can use to reproduce bugs
 - can use to test build process
 - can use for training purposes
 - not much traffic is to be expected as only uloading/downloading a
few packages

vps 2:-
 - creates vps for testing builds
 - blag user has a couple/handfull of people logging in here to test rpms
 -  see list above in (vps2)
 - this is more of a colaborative server. "a mini devel box)

Just my thoughts, thinking aloud after dinner. I have the slight
suspicion that the vps may not be required if the "chroot" is

/me likes comments
John Maclean
07739 171 531

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