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Fri Mar 6 23:09:09 GMT 2009

thanks for your thoughts on this. i see it *slightly* differently. the
major reason being i am quite fixated and being as decentralized as
possible, with virtually nothing in blag's name as such.

john maclean wrote:

> I suggest that we get a couple of dedicated servers for the "main body
> of work" and use virtual server  (vps) for the remainder.

i think this may be overly complex.

>  server 1:-
>  - main repo with failover/backups
>  - exoect /lots/ of traffic

i'm not sure this is required [see below].

> server 2:-
>  - devel server
>  - devel team log in and hang out here to build, test and upgrade packages

and this is machine i see being hosted by fsf. i think that this also
the main repo in the sense it is where it is created. nobody apt-gets or
yums or ftps iso from it. this repo's purpose is to be the 'source' for
the mirrors.

> server i..j
>  - mirrors
> - seeders for torrents?

we should have as many of these as possible [and we sorta have two
already: kimsufi and noldrin]. this is where folks apt-get/yum/ftp to
using some kind of round robin php/perl/ruby/foo script. it also
provides the initial seeds for torrenting. not all mirrors need to
provide all services perhaps, we can write the script to be that
intelligent i'm sure.

and the following section is for folks to implement themselves right?
not sure where this is actually going.

> vps 1:-
>  - blag user "reasonable bandwidth", (i.e., typical ADSL domestic package)
>  - a virtual server
>  - can use to reproduce bugs
>  - can use to test build process
>  - can use for training purposes
>  - not much traffic is to be expected as only uloading/downloading a
> few packages
> vps 2:-
>  - creates vps for testing builds
>  - blag user has a couple/handfull of people logging in here to test rpms
>  -  see list above in (vps2)
>  - this is more of a colaborative server. "a mini devel box)

if i haven't understood the above correctly, please correct me...

> Just my thoughts, thinking aloud after dinner. I have the slight
> suspicion that the vps may not be required if the "chroot" is
> sufficient.

and my thoughts are also in this "may not be completely thought out" yet

enough comments?

r7 [at] aktivix [dot] org

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