[blag-whereto] adding packages to kimsufi

Jean-Luc Maillot jean-luc.maillot at orange.fr
Sun Mar 8 19:17:09 GMT 2009

I think there are not sync each other. And worst noldrin is more up to 
date. It'll be interesting if there are the same. because for new users 
or not expert ones, it is a few difficult to understands if you download 
the ISO from kimsufi and update from it, that if you want more 
up-to-date system you have to change the repo and do another yum update.
But Noldrin will answer more precisely, I think.
Jean-Luc (Junichirô).

r7 a écrit :
> john maclean wrote:
>> I've had a messages that therte are requests for packages to be added
>> to the kimsufi mirror. How's that done?
> well we don't have a formal process at the moment... but this makes me
> ask another question first. what's the status of packages that are
> updated on noldrin's repo? are yours and his in sync with each other?
> it seems to me that if noldin's is more up-to-date than kimsufi [which i
> suspect is the case], it would make sense for noldrin to be
> incorporating these packages into that repo.
> r7
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