[blag-whereto] adding packages to kimsufi

r7 r7 at aktivix.org
Mon Mar 9 12:57:08 GMT 2009

john maclean wrote:

> I have purposely /not/ changed the repo since the last sync with
> Jebba's in anticipation that there will be a source of stable and
> recent packages.

i think this is the right decision and my personal feeling is that
kimsufi should stay as it is, at least in the short term. this is of
course dependant on noldrin being able to update his repo. noldrin:
where we up to amigo?

> If this time has come I am ready to sync with Noldrin's.
> Noldrin, Shall I reactivate this crontab?
> # m h  dom mon dow   command
> 0 0,6,12 * * *  rsync --timeout=600 --archive
> rsync://rsync.blagblagblag.org/blag/90000 /home/jayeola/blag/
> --verbose

i'd say no, but that's just me... what do others think?

r7 [at] akitvix [dot] org

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