[blag-whereto] Requests for Artists, Developers, Contributors, Users........

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Wed May 12 21:25:11 UTC 2010

Good Day All,

It came to my attention that this message that I posted to the forums
was not duplicated here on the list, so here you go before my next
message which will be a bit longer.


Up until this point, I have been learning what I can in order to try and
build the next release, but I need some more help from all of you who
possess some great skills and who want to dedicate the time contribute
too. I've seen many post of people wanting to contribute and up to this
point I have appreciative of your willingness to help. In the same
token, there's much to be done and there's been no specific discussion
on what should and can be done. Today, I want to address that, so people
who have ideas can begin contributing. So, I'll just be frank. 

One we.riseup.net/blag, I have created committees to showcase areas
where I think we need development. This is just a brief outline 

Please register and login while you're reading this message to take a

In any case, I would like to take a lead role for the development for
120k, but I need some more help. For anyone who has operating system
development, please join the development committee and I would like to
establishing task that we need to take on. i would like some help from
pablo, who posted to the whereto list recently on completing the
framework we need for the future 

junichiro(aka zenblagger), I would like for you to take the role in
leading the development for a new design for the site, wiki, trac,
forums, etc. for those interested in web development and design, please
join that committee. i've set up some task that I think is a start. 

There is no specific person, I have in mind for this role but please
volunteer yourself if you are interested in taking on the role of
maintaining the art for blag. I'll comment later on what the details. I
feel the the traditional artwork is great, but I would like to see new
art around the site, on the cd and in other areas. 

This is also a broad category, so I would include individuals who do
media work to. we can always create sub-committees within committees if

Contributors and Users 
I would really like to see some general hashing on the wiki. It's a
monster in itself. As, I think the webdevelopment would be responsible
for design, I forsee the roles in these groups as encompassing a number
of responsibilities which I think stand for themselves. Developing a
framework for support to those new to the community is all I have. What
can we do better? 

You're always around. Keep doing what you're doing, but what we need
from you is more active presence. 

I would like to propose that we meet this Saturday, May 15th on IRC to
discuss all the issues, but during the week, I urge everyone just become
familiar with riseup so that there is a common place where documents can
live that people can work on individually or in groups. 

Saint of Killers 
and any others on and off the forum with who I've had conversations,
contributed feedback to the forums. I just want to say Thank You for
your input support, ideas, feedback, criticism and presence.
Abdur-Rahman (tearms)

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