[blag-whereto] BLAG 119K Released

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Fri May 14 15:42:46 UTC 2010

Our first Alpha for BLAG 119k has been released. Based on Fedora 12, it 
represents what our next release 120k will include. This release is a 
culmination of discussions revolving reviving BLAG. Conversations within 
our community by veteran blaggers, long-time supporters, new 
contributors and users who have stood beside the values and principles 
of the distribution for a long time.

BLAG is 100% Free Software and this release includes updated packages 
familiar to most users to get up and running with a stable desktop all 
on ONE CD.

BLAG119k by default is a LiveCD. It includes Alexandre Olivia's 
Freed-ora linux-libre kernels. GNOME, LXDE and Openbox are now available 
for choices of desktop environments. SELinux is also disabled by 
default. Returns to this release include blogtk. Additions include 
Gwibber for microblogging. Traditional packages include abiword, 
gnumeric and evolution for office. Also included are apt, asunder, 
audacity, firefox, gftp, gthumb, istanbul, pidgin, rhythmbox, 
soundconverter, totem, transmission, xchat, xine and more.

This is an ALPHA (test) release, which is runs very smoothly out of the 
box. There are some important things to mention. As we are still working 
on building a repo, the current CD uses Fedora repos for new packages. 
As of this posting a linux-libre repo has to be added manually updating 
via yum is recommended. It is possible that installing some packages may 
install selinux as a dependency, so please add selinux=0 to /etc/grub/ 
so that changes to the file system do not take place upon reboot if this 
is the case. We hope these matters to be addressed in the beta.

Please provide your feedback on the base CD to let us know what you 
think. There's more work to be done, but this is one of many milestones 
that we can all celebrate today since it has been sometime since an 
official release. If you would like to contribute, please read the forum 
post, "Where can you contribute to the next release of 
BLAG?"(http://forums.blagblagblag.org/viewtopic.php?t=5078), take 
sometime to look at the Alpha release and post where you want to make 
your contributions. Please provide your feedback about the Alpha CD to 
the post, "Towards an Alpha 

You can grab the latest CD at



The current stable release of BLAG is still 900000 and is the 
recommended release.

The alpha release is meant for "testing only" and results may vary.

"Enjoy the remainder of your day and have fun doing that which brings 
you happiness!"


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