[blag-whereto] Let's let the discussion be on the forum because it seems more convenient

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Fri May 14 15:00:58 UTC 2010

Good Day All,

I posted the below message to the forum and am including it here for 
discussion on the mailing list as well.

I realized that by the postings here and those on the mailing list the 
discussion should just take place here. I love IRC because of its 
synchronous ability to have a real conversation(which can lead into 
multiple conversations about other topics of interest), but the 
asynchronous benefits of the forum, is that people can use it at their 

I'll also begin posting more here in order to reflect discussions on IRC 
that may not be reflected here that I think will be of interest to many 
others who do not necessarily have the inclination to come on. If you're 
not one to want to configure a client like IRC, irssi, or even pidgin, 
there is always the web based client available at: 
https://chat.indymedia.org/. <https://chat.indymedia.org/> Under extra 
channels add #blag and uncheck #indymedia where the channels are listed 
below and you're there.

I'll start the discussion by saying that on Wednesday, patrickm and I 
begin a good discussion about ways of promoting BLAG.

But before I continue on that route junichiro(zenblagger) re-affirmed 
that our focus is on a final release and that is our priority among ALL 
things today, tomorrow and until BLAG 120k is released.

Somehow weather it is on the forums, on the mailing list and even here, 
a discussion around our infrastructure and online presence comes about 
and thinking about how we promote BLAG as we come towards a new release 
goes beyond just the CD.

jisis pointed out that our wiki is need of change and I agree that it 
should be parallel to the work we are doing on the next release, as we 
need not only to document the history of what has been done, but 
presently what is being done in order for to build for the future. 
Pablo, recently sent a message to the mailing list offering help and 
looking to have a regionalized version of BLAG. I think ths is great and 
this brings up many other discussions about translations, 
internalization and language support, which I think is becoming more 
important as a few individuals have addressed this interest. Please. 
Please. Please, provide your feedback about this topic. kickstarts are 
available where people can begin understanding how the creation of the 
LiveCD works and I am willing to open a thread on how I undertook doing 
that because it needs to be documented here. Thank You Pablo.

In any case, the next release and developing good documentation is a 
priority. I believe naturally as we work on these things promoting BLAG 
will fall into place. Now, the committees on riseup have all been 
created. Some committees already have task and if we need to add more, 
it can be done with two clicks and the shake of a lambs tail. I 
specifically added a communicators group in order to promotion and that 
came about upon the suggestion of patrickm, my own need to believe that 
we need a group of individuals not only responsible for addressing how 
we can better communicate within BLAG, but also publicly.

So, in terms of promotion, it is really about defining how we better 
communicate among ourselves and how effectively we are able to do so to 
others within the GNU/Linux community and those who are not. Much of 
what that means to me I guess is really being able to articulate the 
values of software freedom to individuals who are not familiar with that 
idea. I'll leave it at that as to not make this my personal rant. This 
is a good short start, so please bring your thoughts here.
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