[blag-whereto] Some ideas.

Junichirô junichiro at aktivix.org
Sun Nov 7 13:46:28 UTC 2010

I think all the guys working on blag or packages would put their howto on blagpedia for the others. So everyone who want to try to make a package or other things will have a recipe to try.
We need sylpheed and gnote blag icons in blag icons theme. Cyrille need help to make icecat RPMs for f14.
Maybe some discussions about that on the forum will help. More people go on the forum than on IRC (I hope).
OK! I'm tiring today and didn't do a lot myself. But I don't want blag to die! And I don't fell it good at these times.
Blaggely yours

Junichirô <junichiro at aktivix.org>

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