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Cyrille cyrille at cbiot.fr
Sun Nov 7 15:58:52 UTC 2010

Don't know about the sylpheed icons for BLAG theme but I can help to built the lastest version of sylpheed for F14 (3.0.3) better than 3 alpha
Icecat : I try to compil it with the command
make -f client.mk, 
I analyse the firefox 3.6.12 src.rpm do to how they do.
But any idea is welcome !
(pb F14 use gtk3 ....)
(Note the versions for F12 (BLAG110Ko) works fine, no problem ! Only the F14....)

My howto(s) : I try to update the blag forum, wiki blag and rise up entrys ! But's it'll be better that if there's only ONE site for the BLAGgers !
So my preferences
1/ rise up
2/ blag forum
3/ the wiki blag
Problem : the rise up notify don't seem work. We must go to see the update by yourself.


On Sun, 7 Nov 2010 09:46:28 -0400
Junichirô <junichiro at aktivix.org> wrote:

> I think all the guys working on blag or packages would put their howto on blagpedia for the others. So everyone who want to try to make a package or other things will have a recipe to try.
> We need sylpheed and gnote blag icons in blag icons theme. Cyrille need help to make icecat RPMs for f14.
> Maybe some discussions about that on the forum will help. More people go on the forum than on IRC (I hope).
> OK! I'm tiring today and didn't do a lot myself. But I don't want blag to die! And I don't fell it good at these times.
> Blaggely yours
> Juni
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