[blag-whereto] Some ideas.

Robert Sørensen robertsboks at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 09:47:42 UTC 2010

Hi all!

I just made a new icon package with gnote and sylpheed included. Will
As for other BLAG stuff, I have been doing too little too slow lately...
Think I'll stick to my plan and try a revisor spin of 120k for the learning
(as I have the basic rpms ready - if they work), and then move on to 130k.

Have f13 installed on a different machine, and will also install f14 on
something, so we can work together:)

As for being in multiple channels, I don't really mind that, as long as they
all are useful and have a clear identity. Riseup for
development/collaboration, the forum and irc for support/discussion and the
wiki for documentation. But of course, I see the risk of them being
fragmented and outdated...

Will try to get back on track now, and get some work done. BLAG's not dead


2010/11/7 Junichirô <junichiro at aktivix.org>

> I think all the guys working on blag or packages would put their howto on
> blagpedia for the others. So everyone who want to try to make a package or
> other things will have a recipe to try.
> We need sylpheed and gnote blag icons in blag icons theme. Cyrille need
> help to make icecat RPMs for f14.
> Maybe some discussions about that on the forum will help. More people go on
> the forum than on IRC (I hope).
> OK! I'm tiring today and didn't do a lot myself. But I don't want blag to
> die! And I don't fell it good at these times.
> Blaggely yours
> Juni
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> Junichirô <junichiro at aktivix.org>
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