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    On 01/09/11 10:41, JLM wrote:
      You are looking at Fedora Core 3 and Fedora Core 6, or BLAG 30000 and BLAG 60000 as the versions Cent 4 and 5 originally are based off of. Issue with those is there have not been security updates for these. Best bet is to figure out what was changed between Cent 5.2 and 5.3 to make there printing not work and roll back that change.



    Found where Cups is in the different distros:







    I will install BLAG and uninstall cups with:


    yum uninstall cups


    Then I will dowload the source version for cups-1.2.4-11
    (which is the one that Centos 5.2 uses) from cups.org and install
    it. Is this the easiest method?
This topic is probably beyond the scope of this list, which is what direction to develop  BLAG in and not CentOS tech support, which we don't consider 100% free software. A better place to ask is:


aim: noldrin
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