[blag-whereto] Hubub: Main feed front page for Pump.io and Twister: Peer-to-peer microblogging

Abdur-Rahman Morgan arm at tearms.org
Fri Apr 25 20:03:29 UTC 2014

Good Day All,

Yesterday, I learned about Hubub[1], which will serve as a main feed
front page for Pump.io. I've missed the constant stream that was on
identi.ca, that has been missing from pump.io and have been looking
forward to seeing something similar. There are some issues with it
currently, but I think it's worth following.

Today, I came upon Twister[2], an experimental microblogging platform,
which is P2P. Development has been taking place over the past 5 months
and I think its worth follow its progress and getting involved if you
have an interest.

There is some documentation on how to run on Fedora. I had success
setting it up, plan to utilize it hope to make some contributions where
I can.




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