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Hi - looks fine to me. A few points:
-  are we happy to move from 'factsheets' to 'briefing sheets'? Probably
not a bad idea given some of our facts may be our own interpretions?
- probably needs a hard copy proof read, for capitalisation, grammar, and
those oh so obvious errors that we only notice after printing.
- can we add www.dissent.org.uk somewhere at bottom of page 2, and  if
poss the bristol elist, space allowing.
- Texts - I attach again the 'Intro to G8' as an rtf file. You obviously
have the IMF etc one. @606 has the definitive versions of climate change &
sustainable development. William Morris is still to repost his
PFI/Privatisation text for editing/proofing. You need to post your 'G8
Governance' text, and I need to finish my Africa draft & post it. That
should cover them all so far, and they should also in the main be findable
on the archive of this elist.

Nice one........ag

> Here's the first briefing sheet - what do people think?
> http://uploads.savefile.com/redir/128964.pdf
> If people could resend the text as *text file attachments* in an emaiul
> with BRIEFING SHEET somewhere in the subject line I'd be grateful.
> Including them in the body of an email screws up the line breaks ans
> it's a holy pita to fix them. (The subject line will help me find them)
> ta
> Paul
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