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To anyone who's been away for the summer, welcome back!

Here's an update from 350.org which we should take account of. We have a
lot of work to do.

Cheers all,


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New climate calculations show fossil fuels already in production will
blow our carbon budget

Dear Friends,

Sometimes a new fact comes into the world that changes everything, and
today is one of those days. It’s a grim fact, but a powerful one that
will underpin our work together for years to come.

Our friends at the think-tank Oil Change International have just
recalculated the mathematics of climate change.  *The basic gist is
this*: oil and gas fields and coal mines /already in production/ contain
enough carbon to carry us past the two degree mark.

That is to say, if we’re even remotely serious about stopping runaway
climate change *we can’t build any new fossil fuel infrastructure
anywhere*.  The frontier of the fossil fuel industry, which has been
expanding for three centuries, must be closed. Now. No gas. No coal. No

That will take a big investment from all of us. But it can't be
overstated how serious the situation is. This report shows that every
new fossil fuel project is a threat to the Paris climate agreement, and
the lives of people put at risk due to climate change.

Every single act of divestment and nonviolent resistance to new
pipelines, to new gas terminals, coal mines and ports is essential to
save the climate. Period.

*350.org is making investments in staff and bold plans now. Can you
pitch in to make the next wave of this movement possible?

A few years ago the climate math ignited a global movement to divest
from fossil fuels that has radically damaged the reputation of the
industry and changed the dynamics of the climate movement.  In the
coming year, we need to do it again with these new facts, building the
movement that stops every new fossil fuel project on the table.

This is hard news. We all wish we had decades more to make a slow, easy
transition. But this new data shows we have to make that switch right now.

We've been pushed past the point of safety by the recklessness of the
fossil fuel industry. This coming year needs to be the one where we take
back our future, and I believe we have the tools and resolve to do so.

*Click here to help invest in those tools, and join us in this crucial
push.* <https://act.350.org/go/12314?t=2&akid=16744.2685840.cQMFy3>

Thank you for all that you do,
Bill McKibben
For 350.org


  * My article about the new climate math
    published in the New Republic
  * George Monbiot's excellent interpretation
    <https://act.350.org/go/12364?t=4&akid=16744.2685840.cQMFy3> from
    Monday's Guardian
  * The full report by Oil Change International


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