[g8-sheffield] Re: Flyer text n stuff

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Fri Apr 1 12:09:17 BST 2005

dan can i ask you stop being so nasty and making effort to provoke me.. the
flyer was just a draft.. it was what i rememberd from the meeting.. at that
stage i had no account of the meeting.. they come through mid afternoon.. by
that stage i'd had a very nasty phone call from the bnp.. so i hope you
understand i just went of to do nice things.. otherwise thanks for making the
changes.. i'll amend the text as such and re do the pdf post it to here for
others to pick up and copy.. oh how many do you think i should do for sunday? i
was thinking 500 a5 size?

dan re read what you wrote and place it into context.. people are making very
serious effort here.. do you consider i have taken the steps i have taken just
for the joy? well no because i do give a shit and giving up what i have done is
not has not been easy and a little understanding about the efforts i have made
goes a very long way..


1. Info points?  Eh?  Removed that.  I know it says workshops in the
minutes, but it won't be workshops, will it?  It'll just be people
breaking down into groups.  Unless anyone on this list can say right now
that they're planning x number of workshops...
2. makecapitalismhistory.org was explicitly NOT agreed to be the website
for this.  Or did I miss something there?  I've replaced it with the
national dissent one - can we post something newsy to this?  I'll do
this later today maybe.
3. Can we not have a more user-friendly e-mail?  E.g. just
g8-sheffield at lists.aktivix.org ?  Then the moderators can pick them up?
4. Who's is the phone number?  We need to agree who is the public contact.
5. Address needs some context: I've added some, hope it helps.
6. I've changed the text to focus on the specific issues of terrorism
that they'll be discussing, whilst trying to keep the G8 intro stuff.
Comments to list before 3, when M will be printing!
7. I rather like the 'WE ARE GOING TO BE MEETING THEM' bit!  It's a
loose use of the word 'meet', but that's precisely the aim - not blind
protest, but meeting their arguments head on.  I just hope no-one thinks
we're actually going to be meeting them...

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