[g8-sheffield] things i said i do and whi havent..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu Apr 7 15:20:24 BST 2005

you will note dan rode of on bike.. this was a disagrement with myself..
following e mails with dan 2 today.. i feel very strongly i can no longer play
any role in this group.. i have no time for those who suport people who have
violated others.. on the 23rd june i was raped by a member of the politcall
headanist communty.. ill agree the way i have dealt with these matters had been
wrong.. however dan feels becuase one is not willing to let go.. he can not work
with me.. well i can not let go.. this crime has cased me a grate deal of hurt
pain and chos in my life.. it has infringed far to often and much.. of course i
need to seek help advice and i shall.. however i can no longer or have the f-ing
will to be honest to be part of this group.. at this stage ie meeting for me to
pull will have an imapct.. but i need to selfish here and consider very much
myself.. of which i aint happy to do.. but i must.. i hope people understand my
resons.. please lets not talk about this any further on a open list.. as there
are others to consder and there feelings.. though the crime was vile.. i need
to go away think and time learn to forgive.. hope all gose well with your


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