[g8-sheffield] Good Metting in fact damm GOOD Metting..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu Apr 14 12:21:21 BST 2005

So i was a little pensive and thought how meny etc.. Well 15 can not be bad can
it people? Plus we got stuff done and planned.. Now we need to a big push for
the meeting on the 20th of which me fabian are meeting to do the pdf flyer and
url for.. New Roots is booked for next Week so network and a flyer will be with
you end of today.. I,m getting on with draft letter for the press and ill post
that in a while with all there e mail contacts soonish..

thats your lot for now
thanks to all that made last night happend

Here is how http://pretentiousartist.com/g8/ it will look subject to change idd
guess enclosed is the text from the url


Did you know the G8 is coming to Sheffield?

They're in town on June 15 to 18th

So Where are they meeting? The local media are saying the Lyceum Theatre they
also have reports of big police oppration.

What is there meeting about? It will focus on counter Terrorism and the fight
against Terrorism.

They're here in Sheffield because David Blunkett (former home secretary) invited

Will there be opposition? Yes There is an ad-hoc group of people been meeting

We meet each week upstairs at the Rutland Pub Brown St Sheffield S1 from 7:30pm

We have a fully-legal Convergence Centre. Where we are inviting you your friends
and their mates to come and organise what you would like to see happen One week
befor there will banner and creative action workshops.

There will be Sleeping accommodation / Food / Film Showings/ An indymedia
computer lab / With space to meet talk and plan & of a course party of the like
we hope you will have never seen befor.

We also have planned a counter conference actions and events around and on the
days the G8 is here in Sheffield.

All sounds good and well organised. Yes but we are always in need of people and

We have a Big Open Meeting on the 20th April at New roots Cafe Burngreave

How to get there Bus No 97/ 76/ 75/ 22/ 33 outside the crucible Aruddle Gate
Sheffield Ask for Spital Hill will cost you 55p Walking Bikeing (leave the car
at home) Head toword,s The Wicker under archers up the hill on your right you
come to the Kasmire on you left a green and the easthouse pub. A little further
on your left is New Roots Cafe. The Big Green White Yellow place You are now
here .

The meeting will start 7:0 clock come share ideas for action and other stuff you
would like to see happen.

There are other events and actions planed leading up to the G8 in Sheffield.
Join our e mail list goto contact at the top of this page fill out the form and
press send. You can download PDF (press the propagada link at top of page)
flyers here of events and meetings.

In addition, we aim to keep this web page updated often so bookmark now and keep

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