[g8-sheffield] notes from y'days meeting

fabian fab at in-no.org
Thu Apr 14 13:01:06 BST 2005

good stuff indeed, we will work on that flyer and webpage further in the
afternoon and make it public tonight...
here are the notes

G8 Meeting 13 of april
Attended by ....many...


1)	Open meeting 20th april
2)	Location of G8 shefffield
3)	FOD
4)	convergence Sheffield G8
5)	Timetable
6)	Volonteers

1) Location: Burngreave new roots

20th april location: new roots: At  spital hill....left hand side red and
green lighting  "New Roots" 19.00 h (18.30 meeting of prep team)

People comming so far:
Jillian (green party) is happy to come, but is not sure about speaking.
Rob Cole also said he was comming (green candiadte for hallam)

dan was wanting to ask muslim group from the university....
palestinan and jemenite group will be approached
asist group and united against racism
environmental groups


flyer will be sent around to mailinglist by mozaz, crossposting!!!
flyer sending to various lists...
update the indymedia page

What is the content of the meeting ?
educational...very open meeting
talking about action and counter conference
collecting emails.
Having some programm with open slots as an offer

Hearing what has been discussed already...more like brainstroming...
Have the group growing
Structure is important and want to get some information....
Have some ideas of what to do next

Asking what people want to happen around the G8

Two halfs.
what do you want to be happening
What do you want to contribute?
Networking....communication structure
Rebel alliance idea....
etsablish Working groups structure
include Cultural events....
Inviting CAN sheffield

also a report from derby....

Meeting ahead to plan what is happening
we will be giving an intro
7.00 hour warm up
7.30 meeting starts....

Press release waiting for the next meeting
Maybe having a press group as working group
but sending personsel letters to the press in advance

2) location of the G8
lycium is booked out....
it is apparently happening in the center.....

3) FOD (festival of disent)

we can use domain www.sheffield.dissent.org.uk
for our protest/conference

Dissent working groups comming to sheffield...
"blairs africa gambit"
"make borders history"

Dissent is needing lots of stuff
helen will put up a wish list on our list....

4) convergence in sheffield.....
it is a good building and will be used...
plaza and roots....are the convergence

three days of action/workshop/information/indymedia
information point should be organized....
advertizing an information point in the middle of town....
indymedia is gonna be located in convergence.
there is gonna be another meeting in the location....
convergence open from June 14th evening....

5) timetable.....

15/16/17 Sheffield G8 action and counterconference

10/11/12 June is peace in the park and clown army include G8 preparations
into Peace in the park (invite them for wednesday)

Leeds punk concert is 5th June benefit gig in leeds

15th Mai as an open  all day meeting with workshops and info on G8 for
sheffield public
Ask Trapese/Schenws to come also and confirm....
Need Location!

7th mai punk gig (maybe benefit gig)

30th april benefit party sheffield

after G8 Sheffield:
25 th June Bike caravan from Sheffield to G8 (to arrive in edinbourgh on
2nd July) with Paddy

additional: small screenings and meetings in SU (Ann) and Hallam (Fabian)
to raise awareness

6) volonteers:
Nick will put up publicity group....
Helen will bring in a call for action and conference
Paddy will sort out timetable (report new dates to him via list!)
Fabian take on 15th Mai Dissent G8 awareness day
Webpage Mozaz and Fabian


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