[g8-sheffield] Prep for the day of workshops and talks

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Thu Apr 14 15:35:03 BST 2005


I'm just starting to do something, so I thought I'd check by y'all to 
see if it's OK wit' ya.

I'm putting together a list of people to invite to Sheffield, to speak 
and take part in a day of preparing our own community-led manifesto on 
the War on Terror.

My pre-emptive conclusion is that we'll say various things like:

1. The global network of torture needs to be dismantled, criminilised 
and enforced.
2. Use of resources needs to be directed towards *actual* dangers, not 
politically or materially convenient targets like Iraq
3. Security services need radical overhaul and some system of scrutiny 
to do this

Blah... don't want to pre-empt too much, but this is guiding my contacting.

I'm probably going to start with Les Levidow (see 
http://www.redpepper.org.uk/ ) and people at this great website - 
http://www.cacc.org.uk/, as well as Richard Norton Taylor, who should be 
able to give a genuinely viable alternative backbone to any manifesto 

I'll trawl for others too.  Don't really want George Galloway, do we?

If anyone else wants to suggest names, we can write and then snowball 
from there.  Obviously, we don't want too many key speakers, so I'll 
wait for suggestions for other key speakers before writing off!

Is everyone happy with this overall approach?

(We'll need to get the outline of the day solidified a bit more before 
inviting them.  But we could potentially leave the days open to fit with 
what our preferred keynote speakers can do...)


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