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Hi there,
the clown army/lab of ii has sent a list of needs for them comming ot
Sheffield 10th to 12th of June. You find this list further down the mail,
would be greatif people could help with stuff for them comming.

Apart: Just to be get something clear here...Does anybody know for sure
whether and when Peace in Park 2005 takes place? Did anybody approach the
organizers to come on Wednesday?


Circa/Labofii needs

1) Finding the location for the caravan show.
This needs to be a public space which would work
well as a performance space on a spring evening.
The caravan will drive into the space and
"explode" thus creating a space for the
performance with a camo net awning etc. We would
need a space for a medium sized caravan, a van
and about 50+ people to sit down and watch. It
should not be too much of a thorough fare, but at
the same time not hidden away from public view
where only the initiated know where to find it! A
small town square, pedestrian precint or park is
ideal, nearby shops would also be good for the
Church of Immaculate Consumption part of the show
(but this is not absolutely necessary). The
caravan will be using renewables, so we should
not need any power. Obviously this all  needs
permission from the local council and/or whoever
owns the property (it might be worth working
through the local arts officers ?) We will be
serving food as part of the performance and will
have our own Health and Safety worked out, but
migh t need to tell council about this.

2) Booking Trainings and space
  The two-day rebel clowning trainings require an
indoor space that can hold 30 people running
around! This should be a clear space (i.e not
filled with chairs etc) of about 1000 sq feet -
(think 30 people running around like rebel
clowns)  The floor should be suitable for
physical activity etc and preferably the space
would not be too cold ! Church halls/community
centres/theatre rehearsal spaces are ideal.

3) Lodgings
We will need beds/floor space for tired clowns
and knackered lab rats. Its not known exactly how
many we will need at the moment as numbers will
change in each city - but we anticipate minimum
of  9 beds. If we don't get our funding, then
some food would be nice too! If we do then we
could invite some of you out to dinner!

4) Publicity deadlines
We are hoping to get our publicity printed on
April29th - it would be good if we had
confirmation from local groups about locations
etc before this date and a contact email and tel
number that can go on the publicity. If this is
not possible, we might be leaving a blank space
on the posters which local groups can fill in

5) Local  Publicity
We will be producing some generic pre-publicity
for you to use to drum up interest in the next
month or so. We will also have a lab and circa
dvd  that we can send you for free, to show and
pass around etc.. contact us if you want us to
send these in the post. Below is text that you
can use on your own publicity and if you need
pics drop us a line.

The laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

"The more imagination is liberated and shared,
the more useful the medium" Hakim Bey

People have been seen praying to products in the
shopping mall, prostrating themselves to perfume
counters and genuflecting in front of godly
brands in the great cathedrals of consumptionŠ

Evening falls, a tiny caravan pulls up in the
town centre and explodes, out tumble members of
the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army who
begin a ridiculous recruitment show ending with
the kidnapping of a preacher from the Church of
Immaculate ConsumptionŠ  Cushions and rugs are
passed out to the waiting crowd, who settle down
to watch Š the clown army is followed by a
lecture (involving egg boxes and strawberries) on
the history of civil disobedience, films about
culture jamming are screened, tales are told
about the joys of resistance, whilst a
deliciously strange feast is prepared and served
in preparation for dancing Š

Š  The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination has come to town

In the lead up to the anticapitalist protests
against the G8 summit, to be held in Scotland in
July, the Laboratory of Insurrectionary
Imagination, a mixture of live art and cultural
resistance training camp, is touring the UK.
Combining street interventions, a nomadic solar
powered information centre, and two-day intensive
Rebel Clown/direct action trainings, the lab
brings artists and activists together to apply
creativity to radical social and ecological


At 10:03 am +0100 15/4/05, fabian wrote:
>  >
>>  Hi John,
>>  We have offered the Ashram and New Roots spaces from Friday 10th
onwards for accomodation/convergence/preparation and training.  Nigel
is offering the Function Room above the Plaza, 5 doors along from us.
Christ Church, Pitsmoor are offering the Welcome Centre on Nottingham
St.  Apparently Yorkshire Art Space and Access have offered space too.
There is space on Ellesmere Green for outside activities.  I have said
this to Mark but maybe the message did not get passed on.
>>  I personally am not very reliable as an organizer due to Fibromyalgia.
So I try not to commit myself to co-ordinating roles where I may let
people down.  However I am committed to making things happen for the
G8 in Sheffield and will do what I can.  I think we can safely say
that food and accomodation will happen.
>>  We would very much like the clowns to come to Sheffield.  Rhythms of
Resistance practice at the Ashram and other Sambistas are likely to
converge.  We are talking in the Ashram of setting up an art space for
preparing banners, props, costumes etc.
>>  What else is needed ?  Is there a need for Sheffield people to step
forward to help organise the clown visit ?
>>  Blessings,
>>  Dave
>Hi John, Dave et al.
>good to hear that places are sorted out for Circa to come. We have been
talking about this event in the context of G8 Sheffield (which will take
place in the week following Circas visit 15. to 17. june). It fits well
in the general mobilisation efforts for G8 Sheffield and Gleneagles. And
we all would like to see it happen.
>I am personally also up for helping make it happen (publicity, hosting
>Also it seems that the same weekend Circa is in town, there is gonna be
the "peace in the park" festival in Sheffield...
>The next meeting of Sheffield G8 Group will be a big open meeting
including (hopefully) various members of local groups, taking place on
wednesday 20th april at 19.00 h in new roots. One aim is to form working
groups for the preparation of Sheffield G8 protest and
>counterconference...maybe hosting Circa and the prep of that weekend
could become the focus of one of these groups.
>JUst a suggestion...

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