[g8-sheffield] [Fwd: Re: LAB?CIRCA in sheffield ???]

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Fri Apr 15 14:10:13 BST 2005

good day to you fabian how was your film?

peace in the park is planned for 11th june there haveing hassels though.. e mail
dan for updates on this idd guess.. yes i have done an invite in person to peace
in the park ie dan.. likwise the lattern people ie rose.. will e mail them
tuesday to remind etc.. i have also spoken to others.. see we live near or next
door to each other so we are allways calling in for cups of tea doing the
crossword and laughing oh are we laghing.. i still have the tears in my eyes..
life is good at the moment..

spoken to nick and helen today and there going to e mail the list by monday..
had a long chat with mark ie covergance space things are moveing..

will speak further to new roots for meeting next week.. it is booked just
makeing sure all happens.. have people any more thoughts on mine fabian,s work
yesterday.. ill be of line till monday as there is this
http://access.lowtech.org/f5/ yes we are five this weekend 5 yaers of a free
media lab.. come along on sunday share our birthday cellbrations with us..

he skips of down the road at the joy of life
with a smile of knowing what he and others have planned for g8..

take care
one love

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