[g8-sheffield] Beacons of Dissent!

jono J.Oppenheim at damtp.cam.ac.uk
Thu Apr 21 01:55:27 BST 2005

There's nothing like a good bonfire to spark some interest in your
local G8 mobilisation.  If your group can participate, please email
dissentinfo(at)gmail.com with the date of your response.

[please post widely]

For years, when a community has seen danger approach, they have used fire
to call for the aid of their peers as they prepare to resist the enemy.  
When a beacon was lit on a hilltop, the message travelled far and fast and
aid would soon follow. Now, as the G8 leaders approach Gleneagles, the
people of Scotland are preparing to light Beacons of Dissent.
On Mayday, for 100 years the peoples' day, we will call out for aid in our
resistance to those who claim power over us. Those who claim to be solving
the problem of climate change while driving new motorways through our
communities. Who say they can solve Africa's problems by opening it up to
multinational corporations.  Who meet the challenges of our world with
empty words and betrayal.

We light the beacons to send a message around the world that those
"leaders" are not welcome here and that we intend to resist their schemes
to our utmost.

We ask our friends in the world to hear our call and to respond to it.
Those who can, light a Beacon announcing you will come and stand alongside
us as we resist with our bodies.  Those who can only be there in spirit,
light a Beacon to say that we stand together in solidarity.

Our enemy is the same: the abuse and injustice embodied in the 8 men who
plan to meet at Gleneagles. Our cause is the same: a new world of justice
and freedom we can all participate in building.

Join us. Hear our call on May 1st and respond in kind before the Summer
Solstice.  Then on July 5th, the night before the international day of
action against the G8, we will light beacons on the hills surrounding the
Gleneagles summit site.

To participate in the initial call for aid, email
Glasgow: reshape-glasgow(at)riseup.net
Edinburgh: reshape(at)riseup.net.
Aberdeen: aberdeenshireg8action(at)lists.riseup.net

To participate in the response, visit:  
http://www.dissent.org.uk/content/view/169/1/ and add your local group to
the list by emailing dissentinfo(at)gmail.com, or join with a local
Dissent group close by.  If no local group is close by, light a candle,
and then start a local group to oppose the G8!

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