[g8-sheffield] good morning.. note from meeting part one of three..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu Apr 21 10:27:03 BST 2005

ill copy the notes taken by paddy from last nights meeting on to the list by 2 0
clock today.. ill subscribe all those who asked to be at this time likewise..
this is just to say thank you for all who made last nigh happen and it did
happen.. 26 people in all.. now lets stop the talking and start the doing..
there is lots to do..

of course by there very nature these things do self organise.. part of this is
the covergance space.. the cooking group are well on there way on feeding
however meny people.. well done to them.. today ill meet with others to talk
about new roots the plaza and christ church pitsmoor.. these are the spaces we
shall be meeting and useing for events.. of course there is also the now not to
be talked about back up plan..

likewise ill be speaking with others to resolve and get a further back up plan..
there will be space for people to sleep eat do workshops and at the end of it
all party.. this will al be the space for the alternative confrance.. of course
as allways we need stuff ie chairs tables all the stuff you would furnish an
house with in words..

so where are we going to get all this? well you know i love raideing skips and
see how dapper i look in my skiped cloths.. even my flat is furneshed in this
way.. so passing a skip.. see something you might think of use? well e mail me
and we will pick up and store.. so another but fun task for people in the form
of skip raiding.. have fun do not get into bother..

go knock on the door you think the skip might being used by.. often thay will
let you take the stuff.. you also end up in conversation as to why you desire
the stuff.. another form of networking.. of to a meeting about coverganace
space.. drop notes and further thoughts from that.. plus notes from last
night.. and some private thoughts..

thank you againe to all at last nights meeting..

The global holocaust is a continuous everyday rape of life.
Everyday animals are eviscerated, women are
raped, children molested and murdered, species pushed
to extinction. The earth our home, our life, the
mother of all life is ravaged. A stand must be taken
now for the crisis is upon us, LOVE must be declared,
our culture and its corrupt supporters must fall..

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