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him agine.. here are the notes from the meeting.. i have not subscribed people
to the list.. going to e mail chris as to best practice for this task haven
given it more thought.. so here are the notes..

G8 Meeting Wed 20 five 2005 Location New Roots Burngreve..

26 people in attendance

Fabian introduces ideas already discussed in previous meetings.
Counter conference over the 15th to the 17th of June. Also non-violent protest
Counter conference in the form of a social forum. Including cultural events that
are very important so as to get as many people involved as possible.
Introduce the Schnews and Trapese night on the 15th May and suggested adding a
Sheffield G8 information day.
Mentioned Peace in the Park and the Stop the War coalition march and stressed
the importance of including the likes of the SWP.

Suggestion of linking the STWC demo to Peace in the Park.

Sending R to the STWC meeting tonight to suggest linking/ synergising the
actions so as to maximise the benefit of the 2 actions on the same day and
inviting a delegate to come to our organising meetings.

Paddy mentions his bike ride to the Scotland G8.
Dave asks about the arrangements for accomodation.
Its made clear that the venues are being kept on a need to know basis until the
day so that venues are not shut down in advance by the police.

Mentioned that the group is focusing on the G8 in Sheffield but will also serve
to build for the G8 proper.

Singing mentioned as a workshop and on any protests.

Should allow anyone to do a workshop as long as we have space. Should be as
inclusive as possible.

Beacons of Resistance mentioned maybe lighting a beacon at the end of peace in
the park as a media friendly activity.

Mozaz mentioned putting ideas on the wiki so that we can make a programme.

N mentioned liking with Creative Action Network and Circa to do workshops.

Samba workshop.

Flash mobbing suggested by Deacon Dave.

Need for people to vulunteer to start working groups.

Peace in the Park organisation meetings at 8pm at the Portland Works meet
fortnightly. Next meeting Monday 25th.

Need to form working groups. Alison offered running the publicity meeting.
Mozaz offered to run the convergence centre.

Dave offered to be in the accommodation workshop.

Rhythms of resistance mentioned a direct action working group.

Dave mentioned having a spokes setup so that only one delegate from each working
group has to come to the central meeting and possibly suggested consensus within
the groups. Alison mentioned the acceptability of voting where need be.

Mention of a Critical Mass especially given what happened at Derby.

Guantanamo Bay action and lots of  filming for propaganda.

Importance of asking the police for a demo.

Use the pen to hold a football match.

Satire the police using some kind of visual tactics such as the the 'Police
everywhere Justice Nowhere'

Need a name and the problem of using the Dissent link.
Safety in Sheffield 'Sheffield G8 'Welcoming' Committee', Shut the Sheffeild G8,
Decided on 'Sheffield Against G8'

Ask for a march? Maybe help us find out what areas will be closed down.
Importance to assert our right to protest. Need to take actions to a public

John had a problem with being involved with being NVDA.
But stressed that people in this facilitating group will not be responsible for
all actions.
Any police liasons will be perceived as leaders of a group even if they are not.
Police won't be able to hold anyone legally responsible.
Importance of the need to have a demo that is people can bring their kids too.

N suggested a noise demo on the Thursday night Friday morning.

Gillian suggested doing less organised stuff in the day and organised stuff
during working hours.

Meeting closed.

Next General Meeting  7.30pm Weds 27th upstairs in the Rutland Arms Brown

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