[g8-sheffield] There meeting in Nether Edge..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Sat Apr 23 12:16:50 BST 2005

this morning following e mails conversations with people i had a very nice bike
ride the long way round i passed the hotel in nethre edge where the g8 are
haveing there meeting.. then i called into the locall libary on surry street to
read the star from last week then i come up on this
http://pretentiousartist.com/g8meeting.pdf and it comferms the g8 are indeed
meeting in nether edge.. plus haveing events at tuder sq cutlers hall.. now
this would mean what happend in darby will not happen here.. i suspect and
coversations with jilien who has spokern to the police would also back this
up.. there will be rolling blokades ie an area where these people are meeting
will be closed down for a time.. this however in consdration with nether edge
the cutlers hall is not all that easy.. as there are resedents and outside the
hotel cutlours hall has supertram.. so bike rides noise demos etc are very much
where we need to thinking about.. there are some evry nice empty places i
noticed in and around nethere edge.. plus we all know have friends and people
who live in the area.. so i also suspect we need to be thinking about
accomadation in the area. there media centre is going to the hotel next to park
sq roundabout.. as said there is a planed full press confrance next week.. but
there only giveing 24 hour notice on this.. haveing read the articall in the
star.. i suspect this confrance will give detale of securaty in around nether
edge and other loactions  and how there going to implement this securaty etc..
in the last few days i have noticed a lot of police activaty in around the city


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