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Chris chris at aktivix.org
Tue Apr 26 13:32:53 BST 2005


On Tue 26-Apr-2005 at 04:16:20AM -0700,
worldwarfree at riseup.net wrote:
> one last thing we need to update the web page can chris
> of fabian get in touch for this to happen?

I'll get this sorted tonight.

Also people might not have seen this:

  Sheffield Stop the War Coalition has called for protests
  on 15th and 16th June. Thursday's Sheffield Star, has
  revealed that G8 Ministers will be dining at the Winter
  Gardens on June 15th and at Cutler's Hall on June 16th.
  A spokesperson for Sheffield Stop the War Coalition

  'It is sickening that the G8 leaders will be banqueting
  in splendour whilst it has been revealed that child
  malnutrition in Iraq has actually doubled from 4%-8% as
  a result of the war in Iraq' 



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