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If you haven't seen it:


Lots of excellent details and background in there.  Including a loose 
agenda -

G8 Transnational crime and Counter-terror objectives in 2005 -

The 2005 objectives combine work on the inherited agenda and a number of 
new initiatives. There are nearly 100 separate projects. The key areas 
of work are:

    * As lead country for counter-narcotics work in Afghanistan, the UK 
will continue to seek co-ordination of the G8 support for this work
    * The completion of several initiatives to enhance international 
travel security
    * International co-operation in combating immigration crime, with an 
emphasis on document fraud
    * International law enforcement co-operation, focussing on child 
protection, the expanded use of DNA and the international illegal trade 
in firearms
    * International co-operation in combating high-tech crime
    * Shared assessment of the threat from international terrorism and 
co-operation to counter the treat
    * The reinforcement of the principles of judicial co-operation and 
mutual legal assistance in the investigation and prosecution of 
transnational organised crime and terrorism


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