[g8-sheffield] Writing collective

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Mon Apr 25 10:03:33 BST 2005

Hey up folks,

Apologies for cross-posting - just a very last minute thing.

I'm aiming to get an 'Indymedia writing collective' going on the second 
and fourth Tuesdays of the month.  Next one is tomorrow -

Tuesday 26th April
at Sheffield Live
in the old National Centre for Popular Music

I used to call em 'workshops', but they aren't - its just a space for 
people who want to talk about Sheffield stuff, and share ideas on 
writing about it for Indymedia.  As to whether it'll grow into something 
more depends on who turns up, and if anyone else has any organisational 
skills, coz in my case the terms 'piss up', 'brewery' and 'couldn't 
organise' spring to mind.

Anyway - it'd be lovely to see folks.  I want to witter and write a bit 
about Burngeave, regeneration and the selling off of council land.  
(Council land is, after all, supposed to be *ours*.  It's passing quite 
un-remarked that all current regen schemes involve the continued 
transfer of this to the private sector...)

And of course, there's a lot of G8 stuff happening, so if anyone wants 
to talk to others about the issues, n starting tippy-typing something 
about it - come along.

I've also found it good to bring some local papers to it.  Anyone not 
willing or able to buy the Star, its always worth taking a glance at the 
online version -


.. which currently has a terrifying front story about sex slaves in 

peace to y'all


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