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jon jondad iain_stokes at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Apr 24 23:13:05 BST 2005

steady state universe theory, in brief. anti
RED SHIFT of distent galaxies is not because they are
away from us, ie expanding universe, 
but is TIDAL EFFECT (velocity, after gain from a
static gravitational
pull, is marginally reduced overall on exit) on
photons (supposedly
having no mass for gravity to act on, except gravity
bends light).
After billions of light years of travel, from the
furthist reaches
of the universe, which are only considered the edge
the telescopes can't see any further than the viewers
eye ball,
RED SHIFT is conceivable.
If that makes sense to yus in any way we should meet
of our friends, if we haven't alredy, which we
probably have.

lets get every one dressed up with props if we can
with pics
of money being run over by tanks and tanks being eaten
by huge waves.
nike ekin nik kin tomorrow 

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