[g8-sheffield] 15th mai location ? food ? timetable ? workshops ?

fabian fab at in-no.org
Mon Apr 25 09:59:28 BST 2005

Am 24.04.2005 um 15:41 schrieb Helen and Nick:

> As Chris suggested I have put the text on the wiki.
> Helen
Hey there
thanks for the text,
it is really good...
I would really like to come to meeting next wednesday but can't as I am 
away...one thing that is a bit pressing timewise needs attention and 
that is 15th Mai, it's a sunday.

We will be hosting Trapese ( http://www.trapese.org ) and schnews with 
their show and I think  we should add some sheffield g8 information ( a 
spoken version of helens paper basically, plus someting from the 
official webpage and maybe some workshops of groups that will do stuff 

I was in contact with people for a location for this event, one 
discussed was the pub on bramwell lane (forgot the name) the other was 
showroom room 5, but nothing is sure jet. Do you have  ideas for 
somewhere else?

Talking about it on other occasions it was also suggested to ask a food 
collective which might wanna join the event for the delight of all 
participants...is someone aware of people who might wanna do that/ or 
even feeling like doing it?

a possible timetable could look like

15 h-17h			trapese info and workshops on G8/climate 
17.30-19.30 h 		Sheffield G8 Intro/info and working groups presentation 
and get together
20.30-22.30 h		Schnews entertainment evening (including G8 bingo and 

then we need some propaganda for the event...flyers and posters and 
press release

I believe it is most important to start telling people about it and 
make the date a landmark in the consciouness of sheffields various 
unaware but soontobe discontents of g8...

a good week to you

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