[g8-sheffield] lets get organised do not ignore this message..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue Apr 26 12:16:20 BST 2005

for the schnews event..

ill pre book a location ill ask the cricketers if there got space if not ill
give other places a go dureing today.. once booked ill get on and do some
propaganada.. i should have all this done b4 2morows meeting.. with a draft
flyer and place booked.. then all we need do is plug the thing..

our time is shourt and people are doing there task.. however we need to get
organised NOW i have no desire for the g8 to come to sheffield with out some
protest and we now know where there meeting what there meeting about..

we have convergance space offerd and booked.. we need to make things happens in
that space..

there is a demo on the 11th and peace in the park.. peace in the park gives us
the oppertunaty to create and make banners.. so from now to then we need to get
stuff for banner makeing toghther and a place booked at peace in the park for
this to happen..

we need to flypost and subertise billboards near and around the location of
there meeting.. so we need a team for that job..

h and n have done a blinding flyer (sorry access was being lowtech on saturday
folks) but we got it done and onto cd at the end of the day.. well done h and n
for doing that job.. now people need to give it out..

i sugested a critcall mass for the 11th any further thoughts?

one last thing we need to update the web page can chris of fabian get in touch
for this to happen?


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