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julie w juliewhite75 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:54:57 BST 2005

I got put ni touch with this girl through Jillian  but shes is having 
trouble making it to meetings.  This is what she wants to know.  I can 
cobble together an answar if you like, but if any one else wants to, or to 
arrange to meet her to have a chat.
Also I reckon just get on and book and advertise for Schnews / trapese.
Also, anyone know where I can buy dye for overalls?  and anyother paint 
Finally, do we need a dedicated mobile phone?  Shall I buy one?
Cheers,  Julie

Dear Julie,

Thanks for the info and the kind offer. It would be very helpful if you 
arrange the right person that I am looking for.

Because of the general election, the department has requested us to follow 
own patches for the election week.

Areas I am particularly interested in are as followed:

1 Who are the people who raised the idea that there should be a G8 campaign? 
do they want such a campain?

2 Who are the people who are preparing for the campaign? What are they 
to do for the campaign?

3 Who are the people who are going to take part in the campain? Why do they 
to take part in the campain?

4 Are there any difficulities for people to prepare and launch such a 
If so, what are these difficulities and why do they have such difficulites? 
will people overcome these difficulities?

Thanks and best,


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