[g8-sheffield] schnews meeting booked.. please read and act..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Sat Apr 30 12:51:19 BST 2005

hello all thank you fabian thank you paddy.. all people was subscribed to the
list.. i also did send out a copy of the working groups and somehow it has not
arrived.. fucking tecno land? there is a meeting on monday from 730 rutland to
re locate.. this is about slogans.. but i guess others subjects can and should
i feel be talked about.. is that cool?..

now to schnews the pub is booked from 7 to closeing time.. i or someone needs to
speak to ann she is busy today i there is a football match.. ill make an efort
to see her firm stuff up etc..

however it is booked.. so go and do the propaganda fabian my brother..

the cm propagnda will goto to the printers sometime tusday.. andy is away so all
this printing lark is newish to me.. i have been there and learned from andy how
it is done and know the lingo ie what to ask for.. i was going for 2000 a5
double sideded efforts.. recycled yellow paper and a green ink is that cool?
there will not be ready for wed nights meeting which still is 730 at the
rutland.. as said the meeting on monday is about slogans and due to relocate so
be there if you can..

still have not manged to get the notes from last weeks meeting have a feeling we
should have not recorded ill make sure the lap top arives at next meeting..


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