[g8-sheffield] schnews meeting booked.. please read and act..

fabian fab at in-no.org
Sat Apr 30 09:06:25 BST 2005

Hi guys...
thanks for booking cricketers for sunday 15th schnews/trapese 
mozaz...did I get this right that we can only have it until 7pm, 
because I reckon we need it longer for the G8 bingo...
I will definitely work on publicity and all the rest concerning this 
event  and I guess we should have posters ready to flypost on next 
Wednesday (meeting in the rutland?)

Concerning the working groups list from the big meeting, is it 
somewhere, does somebody hold it?
We should have a conference working group meeting next week also. 
Deciding on a rough timetable, adressing people from outside and invite 
them to talk (dan started a list there)...I would like to see the list 
of working groups to specifically invite all people who signed in to 
join the planning...

see you tonight at party?

..sorry I was away this week, but I will start publicity
Am 29.04.2005 um 13:59 schrieb worldwarfree at riseup.net:

> hello spoken to the pub and it is booked for the 15 from 7 o clock.. 
> due to time
> i can not do any further with this there is pdf poster at
> http://network23.nologic.org/trapese/ as im none to sure what is to 
> added to
> the pdf poster i desire it to be left for others ie fabian who started 
> this
> ball rolling to deal with.. it is bank holiday monday so i will not be 
> abel to
> do much till tuesday.. we have a meeting booked in for monday.. as 
> with others
> the feeling of some are doing all the work is looming upon me.. i have 
> said and
> say againe.. i will not do all the work.. on this.. others have to do 
> what thay
> have said thay will do.. i need to get with adding notes from wed 
> meeting to
> here and other task for web page.. sorry to be a little abarasive but 
> thats how
> shit is.. we need to get organised.. there is a lot to do and very 
> little being
> done form all those who have come to meetings this is a job of all not 
> just the
> few.. please people start doing some of this work.. this not a slag 
> off of those
> doing there work.. well done to the few who are..
> mozaz..
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