[g8-sheffield] Reasonable dimocracy

Steve Marshall samarshall2001 at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 03:21:51 BST 2005

Dear G8 reziztors.
Ello. I have read a little bit of your "protest" website and I wondered, 
"Has any one of you ever written or even thought of communicating with these 
Nasty G8 Security and "no justice except for the wealthy and powerful" 
ministers to ask them if you could attend their meetings and their dialogues 
or have you asked them/invited them formally to attend your counter 

Sometimes, when you have a deep divide and you need, somehow, to get to the 
other side... then a bridge, or bridges need to be built in order to do so.
I hope that you lot at least, understand this. I dont think that lot are 
capable of thinking about anything except their stinking money and filthy, 
oppressive power and greed. But, I suppose.....

Regards in solidarity and unity and all of that crap.

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