[g8-sheffield] meeting agenda

fabian fab at in-no.org
Wed May 4 18:26:18 BST 2005

Hello there...
just want to propose four points for the agenda for tonight:

0) sunday punk night ...(any help needed/publicity?)

1) schnews/trapese 15th mai.
The situation is that we have the Crickerters from 7pm, after I talked to
Ann she said she would be willing to open already at 5pm as we need more
For this and other reasons (crickerters is pub, so not really open) I also
tryed other options including a fruitless visit and mail to
broomhallcentre (they did not answer, but checking their webpage I learned
that it is probably much too late to ask anyway) and a mail to dave on
behalf of plaza in burngreave, which he has not answered jet.

I have not seen the PLAZA but would prefer it to the crickteres in case we
can have it, cause its more like a community centre.
If someone knows a way to contact PLAZA, let me know by mail off list or
tell me tonight please...

Concerning the content of the 15th mai, apart from Schnews/Trapese things
I'd like to see some of the working groups (banners, publicity,
conference, noborders) holding seperate workshops on sunday too. Who will
be there on 15th to actually join in and offer some of those things or
help creating them? Personally I think we should give some sort of
introduction to G8 in Sheffield, but also could think off openspace/future
workshop style roundtable sessions to create new content...
And also we should have some food&drinks there....
Publicity for the 15th will be out this weekend.

2) Workinggroup on Counter Conference
In the big open meeting in April we founded this working group on the
counterconference and we should have a meeting soon. I would like to
discuss a date and location preferably later this week or early next week.

3) Poster and finance
After there has been some sort of first benefit thing last weekend (which
was really nice!!!), we can maybe think of creating a sheffield G8
Poster...layoutwise it mainly needs to provide all the times and locations
concerning G8 in Sheffield....I think we should have it ready about one
month before G8 (which is in 10 days!)

thats it/looking forward to see you



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