[g8-sheffield] 4 weeks..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue May 10 09:43:12 BST 2005

to go.. it angers me.. let me tell you it angers me.. that there are 4 weeks to
go and we have nothing much organised against those murdering basterds comeing
here to sheffield.. we had the info six mouths ago.. we had the info a lot
longer.. the g8 will arive into sheffield.. where is the politcal left? we need
a mass movement that can get organised.. same old disagrement with the politcall
left headansit movement.. there she gose my awsome world..

Meanwhile the global holocaust is a continuous everyday rape of life.
Everyday animals are eviscerated, women are raped, children molested and
murdered, species pushed to extinction. The earth our home, our life, the
mother of all life is ravaged. A stand must be taken now for the crisis is upon
us, LOVE must be declared, our culture and its corrupt supporters must fall..

there are some very real people and i love them but thay are involved with some
very fucked up people.. i have been to two events over the last few days.. i
have been picked up on joked about do those who consder this to be humour that
the person at the end of your shit might go home feeling alone scared and so
fourth.. i ask myself do i need or desire to feel like this all the time.. well

i have placed my very being into direct opersition to the g8 comeing to
sheffiled.. this is not something for the cv.. i have enjoyed 22 years of not
working.. this not a social gathering.. i could think of better friends to be
honest.. this is not empire guilt.. no i give a fuck a very serious fuck..

i agree with steve marshell oh read his post.. think about them.. there is no
paranoied shit going down here.. this world is heading to crises..

and what do we do as follow humans we scape goate each other.. we call it
humour.. we call them because thay are a memeber that group.. we say there
ugly.. (there is no such thing as ugly in my book) we subdegate each other into
there social order..

i feel very angry towords some people of this group for your so called humour..
well it aint it is bullying.. it leves the person at the end of your so called
humopur alone scared angry and upsett..

i desire not to be involved with a group of people who do not respect each
other.. please leave it whereever and lets get on with the real fight and not
fighing each other..


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