[g8-sheffield] Dis sent?

Steve Marshall samarshall2001 at hotmail.com
Tue May 10 05:38:42 BST 2005

Dis sent. On your latest indymedia posting?
I hear NO DISSENT about this "Victory in Europe" anniversary or the end of 
(second world)war in East Europe/Russia too. This, apparently is the 60th 
year since almost 60 million dead people from 1939 -1945  heroically saved 
us from the perils of Hitler, dictatorships, nationalism, military rule and 
overbearing oppression of people(does any of this sound familiar?).
No, I am NOT being disrepectful, particularly to those poor, long dead 
bastards, caught up involuntarily or otherwise in some psycho -power seeking 
economical struggle for world supremacy - 1939 -1945, but to the pitiful, 
pathetic bastards who still seek to somehow justify or even moralise it all 
even 60 years later. I live in a constituency of largely white english 
voting people, 1,500 of which just crawled out last Thursday to vote for the 
British Nazi Party - in 2005 - 60 years after their dead 
parents/grandparents heroically got rid of the nasty nazi Hitler! HA!
Does ANYONE really STILL believe that despicable crettin George Bush 
-younger idiot, whining on about the values of freedom and democracy when 
the creature himself hails from a multi-millionaire oil wealthy family of 
repression, greed and who spent many of his years as Texan Governor locking 
up or doing away with "convicts and baddies" - not that they were in any way 
human - otherwise his Christian morals and ethics just wouldnt fit in. Not 
to mention the few hundred or is it thousand totally innocent peoples that 
this USA village idiots gorillas have accosted/attacked/hi-jacked and 
arrested on the streets of several nations the world over and locked away in 
deepest CUBA without trial, explanation or even a second thought to 
international humanitarian law.
Freedom, victory in Europe? They'll be telling us next that the Queen Moms 
dead and the Popes a German!
Dis - sent. Pah.

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