[g8-sheffield] don't be scared/be scared

Jenny Patient jenny.patient at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 10 18:07:09 BST 2005

Hi Mozaz,

Just to say thanks for your presence yesterday evening - it made me feel welcome, as a newbie. There was some gentle teasing of you going on, but it wasn't anything mean (or very funny).

I would say don't be scared, but then, why not? It is scary. There is an agenda that wants us to be scared - but you seem scared about the right things. Lets not be scared of one another, or of failing. 

We cannot do anything big enough, good enough, we can only do what we can do, as human beings who care and are angry (and scared).

There are lots of more people out there who care but don't know about what we are doing. We can involve them, and more will happen.

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