[g8-sheffield] confrance and stuff..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Wed May 11 16:40:56 BST 2005

dan has e mailed me of list.. in basic he states my comments was negative.. well
idd agree.. but dan raised the very q.. something we do need to think about.. no
it was not an attack.. there is a lot of people doing good work.. who i like and

there are others who are just there for a good time and a fight with the
police.. nothing wrong with either.. there is no good no bad protest both have
there place.. however idd argue very strongly for non violace.. very much
against the use of drink and drugs and yes i can be come intolrant at times.. i
have no right to imapact my perspective onto others..

but i will disagree.. i feel very stong on the rape of this earth.. the
explotation of the workig class of this earth.. there my motavation.. i hope i
walk this path in example to my very strong opersition to the evryday rape of
our earth our mothere. hope i do not subdegate others because of there social

but anger is an enegry and i hope i use mine to a poastive.. on monday i was
half jokeing for a banner reading make paterarchey materharchy.. we have lost
contact with our earth our mother.. now ask if you was to rape your mother as
we do our earth then you would expect shit back.. this earth is in crises..
that crises is ourselfs our lifestyle.. idd argue very strongly for the
abalition of civalistion..  the start of this makeing people aware of the g8..
the link with g8 and the imf.. the very topics on there agenda.. are not about
stoping the rape of earth our mother but for them to continue..

take a walk while spring is in bloom.. feel her omnepresence.. stop to look at
the sky.. go on a hug a tree.. take of your footware feel the earth under your
feet.. go naked in the lake of morehall.. make love at the side of a river.. we
are killing all of this.. thats why i desire a mass movement.. any one for a


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