[g8-sheffield] Who what when where and why?

Steve Marshall samarshall2001 at hotmail.com
Mon May 16 02:55:12 BST 2005

Dear anti g8 lot.
Brief look at your website(wiki.sheffieldsocialforum) tells me that there 
will be a "democratic" counter conference. Let the people decide, huh?
Therefore as a people let me ask/and or point out:
1. SCAAT might be interested in June 15th workshop. Needs more information 
as to where and how.
2. Point out that centre is spelled centre and not center - which is MUCH 
3. Understand a choir will be singing in City Centre on evening of 15th 
June. Will they then also attend the poverty banquet?along with other 
4. Should for some reason Devonshire Green be illegally closed or 
inaccessible on 15th, point out that Ellesmere Green MIGHT WELL BE a super 
alternative - multi-cultural and accessible.

Regards and best.
Smiley Steve.

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