[g8-sheffield] Who what when where and why?

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Mon May 16 13:40:49 BST 2005

hello steve.. you might have worked out we can not give the location of the
conter confrance location as yet.. however haveing walked around the city
centre today it seems the exclushon zone will not reach devonshire green.. the
reson for devonshire green as a meeting point for one of the main actions ie
critacall mass.. is that it leads us to meny directions.. you know how critcall
mass works.. however this one is very diffront.. thats the one of the 15th at
430.. the aim is to add to the city being closed.. we aim to show how crass and
undemocratic this whole g8 circus thats comeing to our city is.. here is not the
place to have open chats about what why and so forth.. becasue there reading our
e mails do you not know.. thats why we have meetings every wed 730 at the
rutland here we plot talk in joyess conversation.. a nobel art being lost due
to e mail.. here we meet face to face share the awsome feelings of each
othere.. this e mail lark is good in some respects.. but there is nothing
better than face to face conversations.. so come along share your thoughts
ideas and of course fears.. be part of the joy that is sheffield against g8..
and oh it is an joy a very real plesure to be involved.. if you can not make
meeting e mail me or phone and lets do coffe etc.. the other critcall mass by
the way is on the 11th 830am devonshire green and please come join us for a
what is planed to be a very wonderfull joyess celbration of the nobel art of
bikes pogo sticks space hoppers walking running and so fourth see you there..


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