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Dear all
John Smith and I met with Gary Roche this lunch time (Monday). We said we were organising a peaceful demo with the purpose of telling the people of Sheffield and beyond how we feel about the G8. We want to hold it at the end of the working day on the Wednesday when the G8 arrive, to meet and march and rally in the city centre.
Gary said that the area near the Winter Gardens would be out of bounds  from noon onwards on the Wednesday and the area near the Cutlers Hall from noon onwards on the Thursday. He didn't say exactly what the nature of the closure would be - shops and businesses have not been told they have to close, this is an exaggerated rumour. But they definitely wouldn't want anyone processing past those buildings. He didn't say how wide the "cordon" would be, but that the Peace Gardens on Wednesday and Fargate on Thursday would be " a little close for comfort". 
He suggested rallying on Devonshire Green. John said what about somewhere on the Hallam campus - Gary didn't give an answer to that.
I have a form on which to suggest a route but Gary agreed there was little point me doing so until he could tell me what was going to be closed off. He was supposed to be phoning/emailing me with further info this afternoon but hasn't done so yet.
Will keep you posted.
Please send me any ideas, instructions ..
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