[g8-sheffield] Fw: report from jilllian re meeting w police re 15/6 demo

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue May 17 11:31:50 BST 2005

He didn't say exactly what the nature of the closure would be - shops and
businesses have not been told they have to close, this is an exaggerated

I have spoken at lenth to nick from blue moon he is very angry and clear he has
been told to shut and will lose up to 2 grand for both days.. nick will be
talking will Jillian next few days as he is not an happy man..

i have spoken to the stone house and other people in the location and the same
message can you please close.. this is not a exaggerated rumour some will agree
others like nick at the blue moon are not happy..

the quaker meeting has have also had a visit from the police.. i guess we need
to put this on the agenda for 2morow following the nether edge item..

there are lots of ideas that flow from me talking with nick at the blue moon and
other people.. so an open e mail would be crass to talk about such ideas.. call
it paranoia.. but i will say we can fuck up and perhaps with thought and
willingnass close this fucking circus down.. seems the plans of the police
would mean just this.. of course thay could be feeding us this thought..

but i have also spoken to nether edge against the war and thay feel much the
same.. lets talk of e mail at the meeting 2 morow as thay are reading these e


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