[g8-sheffield] beyond tv flyers, netheredge flyers etc

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Tue May 17 11:20:39 BST 2005

the nether edge flyers have not been done this was an item for the agenda 2morow
ie first one.. i have been talking to nether edge against the war.. there doing
a flyer to post through all doors likewise.. my thoughts are there seems little
point in doing a flyer from us.. i have said this n.e.a.w lot.. please feel free
to use any of our text.. thay will e mail the list with a completed copy befor
our meeting tomorow.. thay will draft into ther flyer some of our thoughts
ideas and put our url on there likewise.. they will take care of cost and
putting through doors likewise.. i also offerd to help cover some of the cost
and people power if there is a need.. at the end of the day idd say lets see
what happens with there plans talk about there plans etc.. the 29th flyer was
done.. i had no reply back as to go and print.. ill bring a draft to the
meeting tomorow.. we are doing some work at the uni lunch time wed shall i
knock out 200 for then?..

while here i have had what i think is an awsome idea can we make time for me to
talk through this at the meeting.. i suspect all will love and think erm why
did we not think of that befor etc.. all good plans come at the end.. but we
can make it work with ease..


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