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Subject: workshop counter-conference
From:    "Heather Hunt" <Heather.Hunt at care4free.net>
Date:    Mon, May 16, 2005 10:26 pm
To:      "fabian" <fab at in-no.org>

Hi Fabian

good workshop on Sunday

I'd like to ofer a workshop at the alternative conference called

Global Footprints

Find out the impact of our personal lifestyle on the planet.

Explore ways to use Ecological Footprinting in a guilt free way as an
awareness raising tool for adults and young people.

Use ecological footprinting as a way to open debate

o      What needs to change in our own community?

o       What needs to change in our own lifestyle?

o       What needs to change nationally and internationally

       to bring about a just and sustainable world?

Best time for me would be Thursday afternoon

thanks for putting it forward

Heather Hunt

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