[g8-sheffield] reply from police re demo

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Wed May 18 22:16:26 BST 2005


On Wed 18-May-2005 at 09:55:11PM +0100, Jillian Creasy
> I tried to post it earlier today, but it was spat back
> by the email list 

If you can forward the bounce complete with all the
headers I might be able to work out what the problem is.

> Any thoughts about how I should reply?

Well, this bit:

> The best guidance I can give at this time is that
> Devonshire Green appears to be the most suitable
> gathering and demonstration venue.

Seems to indicate that their plan is to get 
Devonshire Green designated as a protest area as was done
in Derby, details here:


And I think that this kind of restriction is is a totally
unacceptable infringement on the right to protest and that
if enough people turn up it's not going to be so easy for
it to be enforced... The police would piss people off less
if they did allow a march...

On the other hand, if the weather is nice, with some sound
systems and food I guess being stuck on Devonshire Green
wouldn't be too bad...


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