[g8-sheffield] reply from police re demo

Jillian Creasy jcreasy at onetel.com
Wed May 18 21:55:11 BST 2005

Dear all
See this from Sgt Gary Roche, the police man dealing with us. 
I tried to post it earlier today, but it was spat back by the email list and hasn't appeared in the digest. So, sorry it didn't reach you before tonights meeting. 
Any thoughts about how I should reply?


I'm afraid for the moment I dont have confirmation of the areas where Police will look to restrict processions. I know this doesnt help when planning your event, and indeed in completing the form I have given to you.

The best guidance I can give at this time is that Devonshire Green appears to be the most suitable gathering and demonstration venue.

In considering your procession route I would ask that you give thought to avoiding the obvious routes that we are most likely to seek to restrict access to.

If I become aware of further police planning in this area that I can share with you then I shall contact you again via Email.


Gary Roche
Sergeant (Support, licensing events and planning)
Sheffield Central
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