[g8-sheffield] Fw: demo wed 15th June - my reply to police

Chris Malins chrismalins at gmail.com
Thu May 19 10:11:29 BST 2005

I think the implication from our friends in the constabulary, is that if 
there's somewhere we want to march, we should probably assume they won't 
let us. I reckon thats a fair translation of 'obvious routes'. I wait to 
be proved wrong.


Jillian Creasy wrote:
> Dear all
> This is what I have sent to Sgt Roche ... have proposed a route that 
> goes as close to the Winter Gardens as possible and takes in the main 
> shopping areas (Barkers Pool, PInstone St, top of the Moor, Fargate). It 
> does pass the Peace Gardens. I felt like suggesting we walk along the 
> west side of Pinstone St in single file with our hands over our heads, 
> but he might have thought I was being sarcastic.  
> I hope this will encourage him to clarify what the exclusion zone is to be.
> I can't believe this is happening - they won't even BE in the Winter 
> Gardens til at least an hour later!
> Jillian
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> Gary
> Thanks for this.
> Devonshire Green might be a good place to start and finish but we 
> definitely want to march into/around the centre of town. Please advise 
> me how to propose a route which "avoids the obvious routes that you are 
> most likely to restrict access to" when you haven't told me what these 
> are. So far, all I know is that we can't go past the Winter Gardens and 
> that the Peace Gardens would be "a little close for comfort".
> So ... what about Division St, Pinstone St, Furnival Gate, Arundel Gate, 
> Norfolk St, Norfolk Row, Fargate, Barkers Pool, Division St, Devonshire 
> Green.
> Look foward to hearing from you.
> Jillian
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>     *Subject:* Re: demo wed 15th June
>     Jillian,
>     I'm afraid for the moment I dont have confirmation of the areas
>     where Police will look to restrict processions. I know this doesnt
>     help when planning your event, and indeed in completing the form I
>     have given to you.
>     The best guidance I can give at this time is that Devonshire Green
>     appears to be the most suitable gathering and demonstration venue.
>     In considering your procession route I would ask that you give
>     thought to avoiding the obvious routes that we are most likely to
>     seek to restrict access to.
>     If I become aware of further police planning in this area that I can
>     share with you then I shall contact you again via Email.
>     regards
>     Gary Roche
>     Sergeant (Support, licensing events and planning)
>     Sheffield Central
>     0114 2964097
>     int 4097
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>     From: "Jillian Creasy" <jcreasy at onetel.com>
>     Date: 16/05/2005 05:58PM
>     Subject: demo wed 15th June
>     Dear Gary
>     Here's my email. Look forward to hearing where we can meet/march as
>     near as poss to the city centre.
>     Jillian
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